Found The Best Wedding Caterer In Sacramento

Wow! I just found this wonderful chef owner of Real Food Catering Sacramento and need to get the word out.  Chef Laura Kenny and her staff are exhausting to watch and the food is incredible.

The dinner service was flawless. Think about it: any decent chef can operate under a kitchen hood and more lighting than a surgery room. Where are those same decent chefs when the dinner bell for 200 souls is being rang by the bride and groom? Wedding catering has so many potentials for disaster.  Will the caterer even show up for the gig? If you think it won’t happen to you, think again.


There are plenty of horror stories and we haven’t even begun talking about the “caterers”…yes that’s right, caterers in quotation marks: wanna-be’s that can serve you up some of the finest chicken sushi this side of the Mississippi.  The only problem is, what will life look like after those tenacious bacteria take hold? Have you ever been given the opportunity to count the tiles in your restroom?

Don’t even risk it! Get the finest catering available in Sacramento, Roseville and Folsom (ok, let’s add El Dorado Hills in the mix just for good measure).

Real Food Catering Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom from OhIAM on Vimeo.